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June 10, 2012

Sermon Series
About This Project

Jesus often answered questions by telling stories. These stories, or parables, were an invitation for his followers to imagine the world from God’s point of view. Through parables, Jesus offers us a glimpse of what the Kingdom of God looks like. Join us as we learn how to see the world as God sees it, and how to live through that vision in our own lives.

The Lost Sheep // Pt. 1 // Rev. Matt Fulmer



The Growing Seed // Pt. 2 // Rev. Matt Fulmer



The Growing Seed // Pt. 2 // Rev. Chris Abel



The Mustard Seed// Pt. 3 // Rev. Matt Miofsky



Text Message // Pt. 3 // Rev. Matt Miofsky



The Bridesmaids // Pt. 4 // Rev. Matt Miofsky